• Recommend

    We travel a lot, all our travels are in different places. Here is that place for a perfect vacation :)

    Adrian Bucharest
  • Christin Bungalows 2014

    Wonderful facilitie, especially for families with children. Spacy and clean bungalows, very nice owners. Sincire recomendation.

    Petar Stojanovic
  • The perfect holiday

    It s the perfect area for relax , and recharge your bateries. I liked it very much it s amazing . The rooms are spacious , and the people are nice and friendly . I really recommend it

    Stancu mirela
  • Perfection :)

    It has been a few years since my family stayed in apartment no 7, but I can honestly say that without a doubt I would go back to stay tomorrow. A very welcoming, relaxing atmosphere with lovely accommodation and the nicest people I have ever met. Fond memories and hope to come back to make some more!

  • christin apartments in potos, thassos

    well, we have been here a few years when our kids were very young. and lets be honest. we miss it. if you like greece, love thassos and you are looking for hospitality, this is the place to be. we haven\’t been on to thassos for a long time but already decided that 2013 is the year to do that. actually we would like to do 2012 but as many know… work. nevertheless, thassos = christin apartments in Potos. Greetings, Marcel, Louise, Alyssa and Lara


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